ViValid is a service based on blockchain

technology designed to serve as a conduit between individuals seeking information about the potential value of items in hand from experts in corresponding fields along with certified proof of ownership.

This is a pre-sale of our ViV tokens. As an early adopter, you're going to receive 40% more tokens than you would in the main sale for the same amount of money.

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Have you ever found something valuable? Do you want to make a profit from the collectibles you possess?

ViValid is a service that can help you assess the worth of your valuables in a fully objective and professional way. The treasures you have found, the valuables you collect, and even the things hiding in your garage and basement, such as limited-edition sneakers, can make you a sound profit if properly evaluated. Normally, you would have to either do extensive research - which won't guarantee you reliable results - or turn to a random pawn shop owner, who obviously has an interest in offering a lower price than you deserve. ViValid removes such obstacles. Our system is community driven and therefore stripped of potential ulterior motives. You only need to take pictures of your valuables and send them to ViValid for a preliminary assessment and validation of their potential value. Your query requires only one small fee. You will receive competent and objective opinions from several experts and collectors for a fraction of the usual cost of such services. Evaluators will be randomly but intelligently selected from members of the ViValid community to provide you with a truly independent assessment of your collectibles. In addition, our – “Proof of Validation Protocol” will ensure that the evaluation you receive is reliable.

Additionally, ViValid opens an opportunity to create the first decentralized, immutable, and, therefore, trustworthy, community-driven ledger of collectibles that contains the history of their value and ownership changes.

We also offer you the unique opportunity to earn money while doing something you love by becoming one of our validators. If you are a passionate collector who knows a thing or two about your field of interest, we want to hear from you. You can start as a first-tier validator, and progress through five tiers, with each subsequent tier more exclusive than the previous. If you are correct in assessing the worth of presented valuables over time, you will be promoted to the second and third tiers. The first three levels are community driven and anonymous whereas the fourth and fifth tiers are exclusive and only for proven experts. The higher you are on the ladder, the more you can earn and the less you will have to work.

ViValid is a highly advanced service built on blockchain technology, where all transactions are performed in ViV tokens. This eliminates the costs of exchange rate differences, expensive banking services, and the need for transfers between countries. As soon as you register, you are provided with a crypto wallet that stores ViV tokens. Your tokens will allow you to maintain the price of the service at a constant and unchanging level despite the variability of token pricing. We do not require that you have any prior knowledge of how the market of cryptocurrencies works. ViValid is an integrated micro-exchange that automatically removes all the inconveniences of dealing with crypto. If you want to have an object evaluated, simply – use either PayPal or your credit card, and we'll do the rest. You no longer have to search through guides, look for Internet auctions, or visit experts. ViValid is a completely transparent service with traceable contracts that can be reviewed at any time.

Why it's safe to invest in ViValid

It's legal
As one of very few, we're holding an MTR license (issued in Estonia, EU) which allows us to deal with cryptocurrencies in accordance with European Union's law. We went through a thorough vetting by law enforcement and passed in flying colours which warrants the safety of your investment.

Also, comprehensive Know Your Customer (KYC) procedure and transparent platform used to track money coming in protect us, and you as an investor, from accusations of some unethical practices, like money laundering. No cash, no fictitious "private sales".
It's transparent
We're first, second the least, company which actually has a publicly available smart contract in Ethereum network for the purpose of the ICO in place. Have you seen counters on other sites showing how much they have risen? Do you know how to check if it is more than just a marketing stunt? You can't there, you can with us. We are promoting a blockchain-based, trustworthy and transparent solution. Why wouldn't we use the same technology for raising money? You can always check the current state of our ICO directly in the blockchain, for example, using Etherscan interface.
Gives instant gratification
With ViValid, you are getting what you're paying for. Token Distribution Center allows you to buy our tokens directly. There are two prerequisites: you have to be "whitelisted" and vetted via KYC.

Whitelisting is as simple as providing the address of Ethereum wallet you're going to use to buy tokens. This address will be added to our smart contract on your behalf. From that point, you can immediately invest in our tokens. You won't receive these yet unless you'll finish the next step, the KYC procedure, but tokens are going to be reserved for you.

KYC is required to transfer tokens from our contract to your wallet. That's it. You don't have to wait to the mythical "end of sale" to get the tokens. You bought them, they're yours. Immediately.
You can't lose
In the unlikely event of failing the ICO, which in our case means not selling 11,000,000 of ViV tokens throughout the whole sale process (as opposed to pre-sale), you can claim your money back via our Token Distribution Center. Simply put, you just need to sign in and click one button to rescind your investment. No questions asked.


Please consider downloading our Whitepaper in which you can find all details about the project.

  • ViValid is community-driven.
  • ViValid is a service based on blockchain technology.
  • ViValid will use new and sophisticated blockchain protocol to serve the community.
  • ViValid market size is 2 trillion USD.
  • ViValid will create opportunities to monetize knowledge.
  • ViValid is an immutable public ledger of validations, ownership changes and values of art and collectables items.

If the reading of the whitepaper got you excited about the future of the project and you are willing to participate in founding it, you may want to read up terms and conditions and privacy policy documents linked below.

Unofficial translations

Members of our fantastic community have made an effort to translate our whitepaper to their native languages. Although we are humbled by the initiative and grateful for the work put into it, we cannot verify the quality of translations. In case of any doubts, always refer to the original whitepaper, which is the only official document describing our project.

Market Size

200 billion USD

Every year, collectors spend 200 billion USD on their hobbies (excluding art, jewellery, and classic cars) worldwide.

1 trillion USD

Collectables like art, jewelery, and other valuables estimated, to total 1 trillion USD in annual sales worldwide.

1 billion USD

One of the biggest collectibles markets in the U.S. is sports memorabilia, with 1 billion USD in sales per year.

1 billion USD

Another 1 billion USD collectibles market is vinyl records, 40 million units of which are expected to be sold in 2018

Use Cases

Proof of Validation Protocol

has been designed to serve two primary purposes.

Firstly, it provides means to distribute validation and valuation jobs within the decentralized blockchain-based network and ensures token flow between users of the system.

Secondly, the intrinsic algorithm governs neutrality and accuracy of validators' responses, paving the fundament of trust on which any system of similar kind must be built upon. Combination of statistical data and incentivizing model of different tiers of validation lies in the heart of the system. On one side, the system automatically analyses the expert's valuations looking for discrepancies, and on the other, it rewards validators with the highest success rates by providing the chance to upgrade an account to the higher tier.

Token Distribution

Future ViValid needs

Tokens are locked for 3 years vested each year.

Token Sale

It represents the total token supply for pre-sale and main sale.

Team tokens

These tokens will be locked up for one year.

Operational pool

Tokens from that pool will be locked for 2 years to the end of ViValid developing process

The Roadmap

Q3 2017 - Q2 2018

  • Alpha version of the mobile app
  • Preliminary design of PoV protocol
  • Token sale

Q3 2018

  • ViV live on exchanges
  • Early stage of development of PoV
  • Functional and technical architecture
  • Design of architecture with core components
  • Design roll-out strategy for service implementation
  • Recruitment for project needs

Q4 2018

  • Team Expansion by hiring engineers and support team
  • Ongoing development and design of IOS, Android and web application (Alpha)
  • Proof of Validation Protocol – first stage of development

Q1 2019 - Q4 2019

  • Proof of Validation Protocol – second stage of development
  • Ongoing development and design of IOS, Android and web application (Beta)

Q1 2020 - Q3 2020

  • Proof of Validation Protocol – final stage of development
  • Ongoing development and design of IOS, Android and web application (Beta released to the public)
  • Marketing strategy

Q4 2020 - Q2 2021

  • Community engagement and workshops
  • Official release of the service

The Team that will make it happened!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is ViValid?

ViValid is a service based on blockchain technology designed to serve as a conduit between individuals seeking information about the potential value of items in hand from experts in corresponding fields.

What problem does the ViValid solve?

If you decide to use ViValid service, you need not search for guides, online auctions, experts for your item market price. You can take a few pictures of the item with your mobile phone and, send them to the blockchain-based system for preliminary assessment and validation of potential value.

Do you plan to release mobile application?

Yes, they will be application for Android and iOS. We will also develop web versions for PCs.

Where can I find the roadmap?

You can find the roadmap on the ViValid web page and whitepaper.

What countries ViValid will work?

It will work worldwide.

Is ViV token ERC20 compliant?

Yes, it is ERC20 compatible token.

What is the smart contract address?

The smart contract address will be announced 48 hours before fundraising begins.

How can I participate in token sale?

Please use one of the fallowing wallets to sent ETH to ViValid ICO contract:

  • MyEtherWallet (online)
  • MetaMask (Chrome and Firefox addon)
  • Mist (desktop application)
  • Parity (desktop application)
  • Imtoken (Android and iOS)

What cryptocurrencies will be accepted?

Only Ethereum – ETH.

How can I store ViV tokens?

ViV is ERC20 token, so it can be held in any ERC20 compatible wallet e.g. MyEtherWallet.

Is a KYC required during token sale?

Yes. You will have to provide: your name, nationality, country of residence and a copy of ID.

What is the total supply of ViValid tokens?

The total supply is 200,000,000. 140,000,000 is dedicated for public sale.

What is the minimum amount of ETH to invest?

The minimum is 0.1 ETH

What will happen do unsold tokens?

All unsold tokens will be burned.

What are the restricted countries?

VIVALID Tokens are not offered for use to the citizens of the United States of America and any country or/and dependent territory where trade in cryptocurrency, ICO are banned or restricted, regardless of their location.

How ViV will be distributed?

  • 70% will be sold during the token sales. It represents the total token supply for pre-sale and main sale.
  • 15% will be part of the ViValid reserve to ensure the success of the ViValid project, developing and improving the service and offering community driven promotions and initiatives.
  • 10% will be held by the company, distributed to development team and contributors. These tokens will be locked up for one year.
  • 5% will be used for the ViValid ecosystem to guarantee the liquidity of the operational pool. process.

What will be price of ViV?

1 ETH = 1800 ViV

Some bonusses will be applied during sale period:

Pre-ICO: 2520 ViV (40% bonus)

Main sale:

  • 1st week: 2070 ViV (15% bonus)
  • 2nd week: 1980 ViV (10% bonus)
  • 3rd week: 1890 ViV (5% bonus)
  • 4th week: 1800 ViV

Will ViV be listed on exchanges?

Yes. After the token sale, it will be announced which exchanges the ViV will be listed on.

Can I return the tokens and get my ETH back if I change my mind?

Only under conditions set forth in ICO terms.

Can I mine ViV tokens?


Can I send ETH from exchange address?

If you send ETH from an exchange, you will not receive ViV tokens. The exchange sends the transactions from their pool of ETH, not an address specifically linked to you.

What is the role of the ViV token?

When registering on the ViValid service, each user is provided with a crypto wallet which can store ViV tokens. Moreover, all transactions in system are performed in ViV tokens.

What will happen if ViValid don’t manage to collect the minimum?

If the softcap won't be reached in the main sale, then all funds raised will be returned to participants (less any applicable transaction costs) within reasonable period of time from the end of token sale.

Where is the team based?

Our team members are located in Australia, Estonia, Poland, Venezuela and U.S.

How can I get involved?

You are welcomed to contact us or send us your CV:

You can find Us here:

Harju maakond, Tallinn, Mustamäe linnaosa,
Teaduspargi tn 8, 12618, Estonia

166 - 168 Grange Road
Flinders Park SA 502, Australia


ViValid obtained a license to operate in the field of virtual currency from Estonian Register of Economic Activities Department. ViValid was reviewed by government regulatory body policies to comply with AML/CTF (The Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorism Financing Act) duties and obligations. As a result, ViValid's activities are transparent and in accordance with the European legislation. License number FVR000175 issued by MTR Estonia.